PocketSMS v1.1

PocketSMS v1.1

PocketSMS - удобный клиент для работы с SMS. Кроме стандартных функция отправки/получения SMS сообщений, данное приложение позволяет синхронизировать и экспортировать ваши SMS на персональный компьютер, а также просматривать SMS в виде чат-переписки.

New in Version v1.1
View your SMS messages now in a comfortable chat view!
Message texts can now be copied and pasted (with copy & paste) in other programs
Line breaks can now be entered in the message texts
Messages can now be answered directly with a click of the right mouse button
The storage path for the archive files can now be freely configured
Additional internal improvements and bug fixes

Requirements: HTC Hermes (also known as HTC TyTn, XDA Trion, VPA Compact 3, MDA Vario 3)
All pocket PC phones that can be synchronized with ActiveSync and are based on the standard SMS message management.
Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 6 Professional
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista (all editions)
German and English Versions of Windows Mobile

Download Instructions:
How to use keygen - In keygen shall be entered not your owner name but instead, enter your device as it is called by ActiveSync

1. Copy thbi.mobile.license.dll (found in KG.zip) to your PocketSMS directory in your PPC (Program FilesPocketSMS).
2. Run PocketSMS_KG.exe(found in KG.zip) and enter in the "Owner Name" name of your PPC found in the ActiveSync.
3. Run PocketSMS from your desktop and goto the register in Help menu.
4. Follow the instruction to register on your PPC.

Скачать/Download [1.57 Mb]
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