ZioSoft Fun2Link v1.11

ZioSoft Fun2Link v1.11

Fun2Link is the puzzle game. Main theme of the game is connecting two points with many unique and different styles of links such as Pipe, Road and Crystal. It has peculiar theme stages like raising water to dry well, transferring oils via pipe over dessert, transferring light beam through crystal, and building roads on a desert.

The different shapes of Link like a cross and space allocation with flow of water increase variety of Fun2Link. On the other hand, as stages goes higher, water flows faster and properly increased difficulty of the game. These are real excitement and trill of this game. This will become addiction to players.

If you are looking for a differentiated plumbing game, Fun2Link is the one for you!

Various backgrounds such as desert, barren and jungle increase the interest and excitement of the game. Colorful screen and sophisticatedly adjusted stage levels will drive you into the real addictive world of Fun2Link.Just try it, then you will be linked to fun.

Uniquely characterized each stage, the design of stage embodying the designer and programmer whole mental energy, properly distributed difficulty of the game, splendid graphics, and, last but least, concentration and addiction of the game: all of these make one game called "Fun2Link"

1.Устанавливаем демку
2.Заменяем вторым файлом
2.Наслаждаемся wink

P.S. Эх,я помню играл в нее несколько лет назад на Самсунге(лягушке),ностальгия smile

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